Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today's my birthday, guys! Happy birthday to me!

I always strive to do something interesting on my birthday since arranging parties always seemed a little too self-congratulatory for me.

One year I went with one of the professors from my school and caught turtles in the Itchetuknee River; another I went SCUBA diving with some sharks in an aquarium in Busan. This year I'm not doing anything as interesting, unless you count being in Istanbul interesting, which, I guess, it is. I was considering having another massage or going to the baths again, but, in all honesty, I would rather not spend the money.

Maybe I'll go to the Bazaar and buy something crazy for myself. Last time I was there I bought what I thought was a Ukulele, which turned out to just be a tiny guitar (Ukuleles have four strings, guitars have six). Which I suppose is for the best because I know kind of how to play the guitar, but not the Ukulele.

I could go get a haircut – wild and crazy person that I am. Or just spend the day around town sketching architecture. I guess I am just glad to have some relaxing time to myself after the craziness of the past couple of months.

All in all, I consider relaxing an adequate thing to do on my birthday, though I would rather be surrounded by family and friends. o_O

What I ended up doing was just relaxing. I've come to the point in my vacation where I would rather be home. Not because the Kingdom is so hopping or anything. But because I miss being able to sleep in a room alone or sit on my bed all day without getting judgey looks from my roommates.

I went to the baths again with my new friend Janet. I bought a bunch of crazy jewelry from some stores, and had the best kebab in all of Turkey from the stand down the street.

I have one more day left in Turkey and I intend to spend it straight up chilling.

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