Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dubstep is Ruining My Life

So here's what I think happened:

The room is dark. There's music throbbing through the speakers. The strobe lights make it hard to see and the smoky room makes thinking about work a chore. There's a computer in the corner, but everyone who passes it rolls their eyes and no one goes over there if they don't have to – no, the party is definitely on the dance floor.

All the people at the office are krumping wildly. Someone is twirling glow sticks in the corner and everyone has their shoes off. This is how Tuesdays go in the office.

But the computer beeps – oh what a nuisance! It's that foreign girl we hired who wants to actually come to our country. Well, I guess since we went through all that the other day to get her visa we should follow through on this thing. We can scratch out a quick plane ticket.

What was her name again? Emma something? Emily something? We could check- HOLY CRAP this is my JAM. Just type whatever – the Dj's playing dubstep!


Seriously. That's what be must happened. That is the only reason I can see for someone to misspell my name when I sign every single email with my full, correctly spelled name.

It's not even like its a common misspelling. They gave me a completely different name. One that is definitely not on my passport, or my visa.

I don't know what air travel is like in the Kingdom, but I'm not getting on that plane unless I have the same name that's on the ticket.

So, I have a ticket, and it's for tomorrow, but unless I can get the name changed, I'm not going to be on the plane.

This crap is stressful.

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