Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where Do You Belong?

                I have an answer. An Answer to the question you have all been wondering.  Are you a Magdan? Or a Savannite?

                These two accommodations seem to predict the kind of person you are going to be. Recently, we had a new teacher come to the Kingdom and she was trying to decide which accommodation to move into. We had to brainstorm many ways to try and decide this fateful question (sorting hat, tarot card reading). We finally decided on a couple simple multiple questions to ask her. Now you can see for yourself what kind of person you are:

1.) When you ask the doorman to bring the washing machine to your apartment so you can wash your clothes and he doesn't do it for five days, you:
    a) Freak out because there is only one washing machine. When you get it, keep it in your room and pretend you don't have it.
                b) Email the CEO, HR, and your mother all about it. Three times.
                c) Go downstairs and strangle him with his own mullet.
                d) Do your laundry by hand. Like a boss.

2.) When you see cockroaches in your building, you:
                a) Scream. Blame the Kingdom. Deny the existence of cockroaches in your own country.
                b) Email the CEO, HR, and your mother all about it. Three times.
                c) Get a cat.
                d) Kill it and move on with your day.

3.) You cooked too much food and you don't want to deal with leftovers. You:
                a) Throw it out
                b) Email the CEO, HR, and your mother all about it. Three times. Blame the Kingdom. Deny the existence of leftovers in your country.
                c) Call everyone in the building because you know they will descend upon you like locusts.
                d) Pack it up and leave it on someone's doorstep Ding-Dong-Ditch style.

4.) Someone leaves food on your doorstep Ding-Dong-Ditch style. You:
                a) Scream. Blame the Kingdom. Call in sick to work.
                b) Throw it out.
                c) Eat it. Obviously.
                d) Pay it forward Ding-Dong-Ditch style.

5.) When someone sends out an email about a religious event that you don't participate in (Christmas, Eid, etc.), you:
                a) Call a meeting and lecture everyone on religious tolerance.
                b) Track down the person in charge of entire email service and make their lives hell.
                c) Read it and forget about it.
                d) Sign up to participate.

6.) It's raining outside. You:
                a) Make sure all the windows are closed tightly.
                b) Call a meeting and make everyone come. Blame the Kingdom. This never would have happened back home.
                c) Do a rain dance. Obviously.
                d) Call everyone up to stand outside under the gazebo and sing Christmas carols with you until the post-rain sandstorm sweeps in, and then skitter back inside like over-excited kittens.

If you answered mostly C or D, congratulations! You should join us in Magda! If you answered mostly A or B… I'm sure you have many other amazing qualities…

In the end, the new teacher commandeered the bus that was supposed to take us somewhere to unload all of her stuff at Savanna. Instead of going somewhere we had planned on going, she made us wait around until she was done. We decided that Savanna was a good choice for her.

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