Monday, October 22, 2012

Social Experiment

 I am conducting a social experiment on the people of Istanbul.

This city is such a swirling mix of peoples and cultures, it's often difficult to pinpoint where someone is from. I have been addressed in the street by touts in the following languages: English (obvi), Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian (possibly because I have a sweater that says 'Italia' across the back), Greek, Arabic, Hindi (probably because of the nose ring), and Hebrew. There are probably more languages that I didn't recognize.

These next two weeks, while I'm on vacation, I'm going to fine tune what provokes these kinds of responses. Today, I'm going to try for Arabic. I'm thinking, lots of eye make-up, hijab and glittery jewlery.

What? That's weird you say? Well, how do you spend your vacations?

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